Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fashion Film To Be Daniel Day-Lewis' Final Acting Role

Well, not exactly the news we wanted to be sharing today, but also not exactly the most surprising news in the world: Variety reported today that Daniel Day-Lewis has announced his intention to retire from acting following the release of Paul Thomas Anderson's new film, which is informally still known as "Phantom Thread" and quietly wrapped principal photography last month.

DDL's spokesperson says in the Variety story that "Daniel Day-Lewis will no longer be working as an actor. He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years. This is a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this subject."

It goes without saying, this is our loss but it only intensifies our eagerness to see what Day-Lewis' farewell performance will look like come Christmastime.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

20th Anniversary Boogie Nights Cemetery Screening!

For those in the Los Angeles area, Cinespia will be holding an outdoor 20th anniversary screening for Boogie Nights Saturday, May 20th at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. In their words:
P.T. Anderson’s tour-de-force about the porn industry in 1970s Los Angeles swept across screens and launched the career of one of our most brilliant filmmakers. Mark Wahlberg stars as the well endowed but naive dishwasher who became one of the biz’s greatest heroes. Discovered by a powerful producer, his fame grows as does his attachment to his new film family. 
Pulsing disco, thrusting camera moves and a dream cast adorn this sparkling story that reveals the darkness at the edges of the glamor and dazzle of our most glittering era. Also stars Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, John C Reilly, Heather Graham and Don Cheadle. 
The gates will open at 6:45 and the film will start at 8:30.

Tickets are $16 dollars and are available here.

Address: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Phone: 323.221.3343
Transit: Metro Red Line Hollywood/Vine station


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Thursday, April 27, 2017

New PTA Haim Video "Right Now!"

A new "slow rolling" live video from Haim has been released, shot by Paul Thomas Anderson. Pitchfork released a review of the track and had this to say:
“Right Now,” the first track from Haim’s upcoming album, Something to Tell You, is strictly for the heads. A live studio recording filmed in slow-rolling precision by Paul Thomas Anderson, the song is hardcore Haim, with its bashing drums, punk feedback, and pleading vocals. They sound tough as hell. “Gave you my love, you gave me nothing/Said what I gave wasn’t enough,” Danielle Haim spits out with ample venom. It builds from there, piece by piece, until her jerk of a lover wants her to come back, “right now.” 
No way, dude! This is what Haim does best, create a small universe in a song, then soundtrack it with ample fire. Admittedly, it’s not a perfect take—Danielle sometimes sounds rushed, sometimes the levels are wonky—but that’s not really the point. It’s Haim at their most skeletal, giving you a taste, and this raw sound delivers their signature heebie-jeebies just fine!
Check out the video below and let us know what you thought!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Paul Thomas Anderson's New Film Set For Christmas Day Release

It's official.

Focus Features confirmed while presenting their 2017 slate today at Cinema Con that the new, untitled Paul Thomas Anderson & Daniel Day-Lewis reunion project will grace movie screens on December 25, 2017 (via Jeff Sneider).

For now, it's unclear whether the Christmas bow is a limited engagement before expanding at a later date, or whether it will be released nationwide at that time. One could probably look to the There Will Be Blood release as a template, which hit New York and LA markets in December of 2007 but didn't see national exhibition until January

Time will tell.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Philip Baker Hall Talks PTA; New Set Photos From Fashion Film Surface

Some late night treats for you before we close out the work week --

The very smart and good people at the Talk Easy podcast brought us the extensive interview they did with PTA-alum Philip Baker Hall from a couple weeks ago and PBH talks quite a bit about the three films he did with Paul. If you're short on time, that stuff comes in right around the 45 minute mark, but the whole thing seriously warrants listening. Thanks to Sam and Nora from Talk Easy for laying this embarrassment of riches at our feet  --

In other news, we obtained a few new set photos from the set of #ProjectPhantomThread courtesy of reader Luke Roulstone. If you play Where's Waldo, you can spot the man himself in one or two of them.

And lastly, we particularly like this candid moment that comes courtesy of Twitter user @MariamGonzalez7

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

PTA Adds Lesley Manville & Vicky Krieps To Fashion Film As Details Arrive

Focus Features has provided a formal press release today with some new details about the untitled (yes, it is careful to note, untitled) new Paul Thomas Anderson project, including cast and crew members as well as some new details about the story.
LOS ANGELES, February 1st, 2017 – Production has begun in the U.K. on writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson’s untitled new film. Three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis is joined in the cast by Lesley Manville, who was a BAFTA Award nominee for Best Actress for Another Year, and Vicky Krieps, whose films include A Most Wanted Man and Focus Features’ Hanna.
Focus holds worldwide rights to the film, and will distribute the film in the U.S. later this year with Universal Pictures handling international distribution.
The film’s producers are JoAnne Sellar, Megan Ellison, through her Annapurna Pictures, and Paul Thomas Anderson. The executive producers are Peter Heslop, Adam Somner, and Daniel Lupi. Chelsea Barnard and Jillian Longnecker are overseeing production for Annapurna.
Continuing their creative collaboration following 2007’s There Will Be Blood, which earned Mr. Day-Lewis the Best Actor Academy Award, Mr. Anderson will once again explore a distinctive milieu of the 20th century. The new movie is a drama set in the couture world of 1950s London. The story illuminates the life behind the curtain of an uncompromising dressmaker commissioned by royalty and high society.
The creative team includes Academy Award-winning costume designer Mark Bridges, marking his eighth consecutive project with Mr. Anderson; Emmy Award-winning production designer Mark Tildesley and BAFTA Award-nominated set decorator Véronique Melery; Academy Award-nominated film editor Dylan Tichenor, and BAFTA Award-nominated composer Jonny Greenwood, each marking their fourth feature with Mr. Anderson; casting director Cassandra Kulukundis, on her seventh film with Mr. Anderson; and lighting cameraman Michael Bauman.
Perhaps least surprising of all this is the fact that Jonny Greenwood and Mark Bridges have signed on for the film, while it's a pleasant surprise to see Dylan Tichenor back in the mix, having not edited for Paul in almost exactly a decade.

The release goes so far as to identify Veronique Melery and Michael Bauman as the film's set decorator and lighting camerman, respectively, but curiously omits who will be serving as cinematographer. We have certain theories about why that might be but we'll hold off on reporting that for now...

-- EDIT: More from the Whitby treasure trove! (via @johnsantfilms)

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Monday, January 30, 2017

New PTA Film Shooting Under Working Title "Phantom Thread"


Today, reports surfaced - further validated by the apparently invaluable Whitby Gazette - that the new Paul Thomas Anderson/Daniel Day-Lewis collaboration is filming under the working title Phantom Thread, as seen in the official signage of the production above.

A cursory internet search also does indeed turn up a Phantom Thread LLC registered to one Megan Ellison that was launched in London in August of last year for "motion picture production activities".

Whether this is and has been the official title of the movie is not certain, but it's not a shabby handle for the time being.

Thanks to reader David Seeley for his help with this!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Production Begins on Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Fashion Project!

So here we go...

With little fanfare, or flashy cast and crew rollout, the set photos speak for themselves: production is officially underway on Paul Thomas Anderson's eighth feature-length motion picture.

Above is just one of a whole slew of set photos that were released over the past 48 hours by UK newspaper the Whitby Gazette, and seems to be the only one of the batch where Paul is visible (albeit in the background).

According to a story that was published Friday by the Gazette, the production was in Lythe and has moved to Robin Hood's Bay over the weekend.

We've kept some of the more exciting photographs below the fold for any purists out there who want to decide how fresh they'll go into this newest PTA endeavor. Having said that, peep below at your own discretion and also view the full set of photos from the Whitby Gazette here.


Wednesday, October 05, 2016

PTA Directs Radiohead's 'Numbers' From A Garden

Hello! Clearly moving on from the basement, we have now been given the second Paul Thomas Anderson directed live Radiohead performance in the series we are dubbing "From A Garden"

Shot in Tarzana on August 3rd, check out Thom, Jonny & a CR78 here...

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Recording produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich
Producers: Sara Murphy, Albert Chi, Erica Frauman
Editors: Leslie Jones, Andy Jurgensen
Recording Engineer: Sam Petts-Davies
Production Companies: Ghoulardi Film Company, m ss ng p eces

Gaffer: Michael Bauman
Key Grip: Tana Dubbe
Camera Operators: Ari Robbins, Brian Freesh

1st Assistant Camera: Josh Friz, Aaron Tichenor
Loader: Drey Singer
Electric: Kuba Bojsza, Peter Rybchenkov, Paul Theodoroff
Grips: James Coffin, John Mang, Michael Koepke, Nicholas Deane
Radiohead Tech: Peter Clements
UPM: Kat Barnette
Telecine Colorist: Gregg Garvin
Crew: Austin Feinstein, Emily Ajar

Panavision Cameras: Lori Killiam, Dan Sasaki
Kodak Film: Anne Hubbell
Chapman / Leonard: Dan Issa
Fotokem: Andrew Oran
Modern VideoFilm: Dave Weathers, Wendy Canto

Filmed on location in Tarzana, California
August 3, 2016